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Principals Challenge

This year, I have added new books in my office for students to read.  I am calling these books the princiapls picks.  If you read one of these books, and do a report on it, you get free luch and a movie off campus with the pricipal.  It really is that easy.  All the books in my office are color coded, so you can pick a book based on you A.P. level, and take part in this event.  If you are interested in doing this, stop by and talk to your principal.  Yes, I will try to get you to read books that I am into, but they are all awsome.  

Reading is ten times better than watching any movie. I have never seen a movie based on a book and thought the movie was better. Over the years here at NOLI, I have done my best to turn any student into a reading addict.   The books on the shelves next to my office are for student use. Just come in any time to get one. Everyone on campus has to read. It is part of your English grade, so instead of having hate for what you read, come on by and let me give you a book you can really get into. I keep books that I enjoyed from past to present, so no matter your reading level, I have a book for you. On this page you will find all the authors, and series runs that I have read, or am currently reading. Also, you will find out why you would like them as much as I do.



Terry Brooks- This is the man who started it all for me. Back in the good old days, we did not have “tweener” books like we do now, so with nothing at my reading level that caught my attention I picked up the Elfstones of Shannara when I was 10 years old. It was above my reading level but I loved it, and I have since read all 27 of Mr. Brooks works. Nothing better than visiting a land were Knights, Archers, Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Demons all exist and share the resources of the world, Druids are keepers of the magic and are the ones who often have to save the world with the help of outsiders. This series is also where I got the maps that hang in my office. Visit for more information about this amazing writer.Tewrry brooks is finishing up his last books in the Shannara series.  The series will wrap up after 34 novels this year.  You love reading these books the way you love watching your favorite move over and over again. 


Brent Weeks- I found Brent Weeks in one of my many dry speels of having nothing to read because I read so fast. I can read 3-5 books a week so keeping myself stocked with books is a very difficult thing to do. During one of these downtimes, I purchased the Night Angel Trilogy for the greatest reason being that the covers were so cool. Each book is over 600 pages and it seems short because the pace is so fast. The story follows Kylar Stern as he goes from being a young man living on the streets to a master assassin who is immortal. There is a price to pay for the use of his power; every time he dies and comes back someone else around him dies because of it. He is left to decide what he needs to do when he realizes that all his friends are dying because of him. Great read. His latest series is the Lightbringer novels and deals with a workd were people can use magic based on the color of the prizim they control.  His novels are long but dont let that get to you.  There is nothing better that a big book that you can get into.  Go to to get lost in his world.


Jim Butcher- The Dresden files are quickly becoming my favorite read. A real life Wizard who lives in Chicago and makes extra money helping the cops solve those crimes that make no sense. Of course nothing makes sense when renegade wizards are having a war, or angles and demons unleash their battles on the mortal world. Lucky for us Harry Dresden is always there to save us all with his staff and his 500 year old spirit of knowledge who lives in a skull named Bob. Fun read. Butcher has also written several comic books, and is also the writer of the Codex Alera series.His latest book the Aeronauts Windlassis a steam punk novel that was a best seller. Jim is also one of the few authors who take the time to answer all the emails he receives. He also Cos plays on the weekends. Visit to explore more about him and his writing.




Brian McClellan- The Powder Mage Trilogy is a great read. I love this series so much that I paid for extra books to give to my uncles and friends who are looking for things to read. After finishing the series I could not wait to start his next. Sins of empire begings his new series and it was an fantastic read. This is what Brent Weeks had to say about the book—“A hugely promising debut. Guns, swords, and magic together? What more could you want? How about tense action, memorable characters, rising stakes, and cool, cool magic? Not only the finest flintlock fantasy I’ve read but also the most Fun


Most of the books I read are for enjoyment, and as you can tell, I am really into high fantasy. I joke with people and tell them that I don’t read serious books because I did all of that in college. Books are to be enjoyed, and to be shared. Again, I have tons of them in my office so there is no excuse for any student to not have a book to enjoy during reading period. Just come by my office. REMEMBER, READ A BOOK AND WRITE A REPORT AND GO TO LUNCH AND A MOVIE ON ME. I keep a stack of books in my office that I have not gotten to yet.  Stop by my office any time to check them out, or to talk about anything nerd related (comic, games, movies) etc.  The door is always open. 


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