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Noli Indian AVID Award winners for Writing


On March 1, 2018 Noli Indian School’s AVID students were honored at the 19th annual AVID Write off Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was held at the renowned California Theater in San Bernardino. Each AVID school was allowed to nominate students from each grade level. The student’s essays were evaluated and chosen to receive recognition at the evening’s ceremony. This year’s topic was: Social Media and College, Scholarships and Job Offers. The students were to argue whether colleges and potential employers should use social media in evaluating potential student or job applicants. Winners were categorized into Site winners and Honorable mention. Noli Indian School was awarded six site winner awards and two honorable mention awards. The honorable mention awards went to Jarrod Chapparosa and Violet Chacon. Our Site winners Yawayish Boniface, Frank Moreno, Shania House, Anthony Chapparosa, Elana Quiroz, and Dallas Chapparosa.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at The Awards Ceremony. The experience through the eyes of some of the recipients:

Jarrod Chapparosa: “It was an honor to receive the award. I was a bit nervous being on stage infront of a packed auditorium. I worked hard enough for the essay and was glad to be able receive the award among my fellow AVID students. It felt good to stand up there upon the stage.I thought some people were underdressed for the occasion which made me wonder if I was over dressed.”

Dallas Chapparosa: “I felt surprised that I received the award. Ms. Alford was a tremendous help in my writing the article. I stated that it is improper to use social media in evaluation of someone’s potential for college or work. Not everyone is on social media therefore it creates an unfair playing field to use social media as an evaluation tool for some but not others. It was great to see my teachers, friends, and family supporting me while I was on stage. It was fun. I am very grateful for the award.”

Violet Chacon: “Though I was not able to attend the ceremony I was honored to be chosen for this award. It was great to have the school’s support during this writing competition. My thesis for my article was that colleges should not use my social media posts to evaluate me because the post are private and are not intended for evaluation purposes on the poster’s part.”

Elena Quiroz: “The ceremony was overwhelming in terms of the amount of AVID students being recognized. It was a good experience to really get the feel of the local AVID students. It was an honor being recognized for my writing. I appreciated the support of my family during the ceremony. The best part of the ceremony was hearing parts of the essays of what the Southern California section winners wrote in their essays.”

Shania House: “Social Media is an important part of college and job evaluation for prospective candidates because social media can define who you are as a person. Being involved in the writing contest was both challenging and rewarding.”

Anthony Chapparosa: “The experience was amazing. I was recognized for my writing and was able to represent Noli Indian School in front of a very packed auditorium of AVID representatives in San Bernardino. I look forward to next year’s contest. My interesting point of view concerning the use of social media in college entrance evaluations was more of a neutral point of view in that social media is an extension of one’s self, not an exact representation of who you are. Colleges do get to see the activities in which you involve yourself such as events, community service and projects.

Overall, Noli AVID students had both an exciting and rewarding experience both being involved in the writing contest and being present at the Awards Ceremony.

       Violet Chacon      Dallas Chapparosa          Elias Arviso 

          Noli class of 2018 Avid seniors



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